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 Privacy policy

Privacy policy can be change anytime, so please spend some time to review and go through entire terms and policies. If you have any trouble to read and understand please contact My local market.  Users must read, understand and agree with policy to use my local market, if you not accept terms and policy we may not allow you to use my local market and our services, or you can close your account.

Information Collection 

Ads feature material posted on my local market is obviously available for public. All information provided and posted by you on my local market, will be collect, transfer and storage on my local market system.

We also collect, stores, and transfer personal information like name & surname, Address, and sometime your financial information it is depends on service you uses. We collects your sign in data includes your name, pages or service you have used, email address, etc. and any detail download or save through our website, and will be collect and save by cookies, you may make cookies unable but that might not allow or limited to use website and services.

Information we have of you will be used for Allow to access website and use of services, provides any offers, marketing materials.

Personal information you have provided to my local market that does not sell or rent by us to third parties for any marketing unless you have permitted to do so. We can release your personal information for any legal requirements, to identify and stop for any illegal activities, for safety and protection of property, anyone’s rights, any breach of third parties rights which has arisen by your posting or contents. We may share personal information with our staff, employee, contractor, service provider, publishers, using mailing services, marketing assistance, legal or accounting advice, any specific requirement or for that purpose which has given to us. 
Your personal and posting information can view, change or delete, by after signing on my local market website.
My local market takes all reasonable efforts to secure your information and data which provided to us and stop and prevent any unauthorized access to information. We cannot take responsibility if it happens from any unauthorized access.
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